Training Material

Key characteristics of pest rodents

  • Basics for rodent management (i.e. timing, community effort
    • Effectively managing rodents in:
    • House and homestead
    • Home-made bucket traps
    • clean
  • Storage and granaries
    • Corrugated iron silo
    • Raised + metal rings
    • Hermetic storage bags
  • Crop fields (e.g. maize, barley, grains, potatoes, etc.)
    • Trapping
    • Using repellent plants
    • Synchronized cropping (crop-context dependent)
    • Open strips of land
    • Compacted/narrow soil/stone bunds
    • Deep ploughing
    • Attracting natural predators
    • Controlled grazing (for grazing land purpose)
    • Community Trap barrier system

Other general methods:

  • Bio-rodenticide?

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