Team member

Research Lead

Trained in zoology and animal ecology, he does research on synergistic topic of rodents being part of biodiversity, at the same time occurring in human dominated ecosystems where they cause agricultural damages and public health risks. He also researches on sustainable solutions to managing rodent populations in agroecosystems and peri-urban settings. Meheretu has over 15 years of experience in research, tertiary level lecturing, and graduate studentsupervision.

Business Manager

Sukru always exploring sustainable business opportunities to bring plant-based rodenticide to different places, and he is ready to start collaboration.
He has a working experience in Ethiopia, Germany, Pakistan, The Netherlands, and Turkey.
And, always up for an adventure!

The Coordinator

She has over 5 years’ experience as a water resource specialist, she is very interested to connect topics of water, agriculture and rodent pest management. You can reach out to her for any issue regarding new projects, general information or if you are interested to develop Green Rodent Control in your own area.

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