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Rodent Green Management is a company that envisions to build a community of practice and research for eco-friendly innovative rodent management

Purpose & Values

We are a team of researchers, environmentalists, farmers, entrepreneurs, rodent experts and government partners, all together working towards the same goal: effective ecological and biological rodent control to safeguard food production and storage.

We are dedicated as a team to work with you in the shift to Rodent Green Management as an improved way to help farmers manage rodents effectively and eco-friendly. We have successfully organized Ecologically Based Rodent Management Campaigns (EBRM) in Amhara, Ethiopia. In these campaigns communities applied a range of measures to reduce the rat population which resulted in substantial reduction of crop loss and the resurgence of grazing areas.

The estimated benefit per farmer was a 10% increase of crop/pasture production, and fractional storage losses.

We are keen to share the experience and help others set up rodent management programs, tailored to each specific situation.

The Green Rodent Control team offers its services to assist with promotion and developing EBRM campaigns in each country.


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