Our Prima-Med Project Accepted!

Our Prima-Med Project Accepted! 

Novel Ecologically-Based ROdent management DEvelopment in Mediterranean countries (MED4PEST) MED4PEST is funded by Prima Foundatation.

The overall objective of this proposal is to develop proven, effective Ecologically Based Rodent Management (EBRM) methods and products, which are readily integrated into local pest /invasive rodent management systems in Mediterranean countries. Thereby, we aim to contribute to the shift from synthetic pest control to biological and ecological pest management, ultimately leading to eco-sustainable farming systems, higher quality and quantity crop production and optimization of input use for ecosystem health.

Project duration: 3 years

The project coordinator is MetaMeta Anatolia Partners:

Hellenic Mediterranean University, Greece

Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocco

National Institute for Agricultural Research, Rabat, Morocco

CYENS Center of Excellence, Cyprus

Development Dimension for Environment Consultancies and Disaster Management (Dimetric), Jordan

MetaMeta Research, The Netherlands



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