New project on urban EBRM in 4 African countries

SCARIA will be the first interdisciplinary multi-stakeholder initiative to focus specifically on urban EBRM in Africa, thus opening the gate to a new community of practices. There are large knowledge gaps about urban rodents which are yet abundant and severely deleterious to millions of city inhabitants, especially in poor and rapidly expanding urban settings. SCARIA is a sustainability science project that explicitly aims at addressing such a challenge by walking pathways to sustainable, community-based mitigation of rodent impacts in African cities. Together, we will focus on four precarious urban settings in Cotonou (Benin), Mekelle (northern Ethiopia), Niamey (Niger) and Antananarivo (Madagascar). The latter living labs are emblematic of ongoing urbanization processes in floodable shallow-located areas, peripheral districts absorbed by city sprawling, ancient traditional and densely populated neighborhoods and urban slums at risk for plague emergence, respectively. We will take advantage of our complementary expertise and skills to pursue two main objectives (1) to set-up and to fuel multi-stakeholder local working groups in each of the four study sites, and (2) to produce baseline ecological, epidemiological and socio-economic data in all four pilot sites.


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