Women small enterprises training in production of bio-rodenticide

Here is the training of 9 women small enterprises in the production of bio-rodenticde . They are being trained among others by the women enterprise that started last year. With the technical and business training they will get a registration and from our side we will provide them with a Rodent Green jersey and flag so their franchise is secured. We will have a simple agreement on the franchise in which they undertake to use the right formula and ingredients, work safely and have their produce sample tested .  In the coming period these  women enterprises will be coached. Informally in many villages people have started to use the combined botanicals so the bio-rodenticide is getting popular. This was also in the wake of an EBRM campaign that covered 62 most  affected watersheds. Another development that came with the community campaigns was the popularization of low cost corrugated iron storages costing the equivalent of Euro 15. It appears by the way that this year the rodent pressure has reduced a lot. 😊 Accolades for the team working on this!!!


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