The 2021 Olam Food Prize has been awarded to the Green Rodent Consortium, consisting of MetaMeta Research (the Netherlands) and Ethiopian partners.

Innovation for botanical rodenticide awarded the prestigious Olam Prize on food security.

We offer effective ecological and biological rodent control to safeguard food production and storage

Eco-friendly innovative rodent management

Rodent pest species are persistently damaging food crops, globally it means an enormous loss of $2 trillion annually, on average it is a 10% crop loss globally.

Welcome to Rodent Green Management

We are a a company that envisions to build a community of practice and research for eco-friendly innovative rodent management

Are you a farmer, consultant, student, rodent expert or in any way interested to learn and share on how to manage rodent populations in an eco-friendly manner? Then you find yourself on the right website. We invite you to share your knowledge, experience, innovations and questions with us, so we can give the whole world access to this valuable information and link you with other experts to solve your issues.


Case Studies


Nepal: state of affairs

Innovating and developing a novel alternative biological rodenticide

EBRM campaigns in Amhara region

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